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"It was very inspiring for me see your performance. The purity of your movement and energy did much to lift me up from the low ebb into which my mind (and body) had fallen at the time. As my karate sensei has taught us for more than half a century, a true teacher's role is not only to speak but live the lesson he intends his students to digest, to achieve buddahood right from within this very body by exemplifying what is possible... It makes me very happy to see that you have truly become a teacher for all with eyes to see."

Master Carpenter / 5th Degree Black Belt

"Sarah Brumgart is an exceptional teacher. Her extensive background qualifies her as an expert in the language of the body, and she enables her students to access and understand the language of their own body. Her tremendous patience, gentle style, and focus on detail ensures that each class is packed with benefit. I have become more at home in my body by taking her classes that are customized to address my need to balance flexibility and strength. Exercise with "The Fluent Body" method takes on a whole new dimension of achieving self-empowerment and inner peace, along with drastically improving how I look and feel. The time I spend in a private class with Sarah gives me more "bang for the buck" than any exercise class I have ever taken."

Mother / Lawyer

"I’ve studied with Sarah since the 1980’s and can say with no exaggeration that her teaching has changed my life. I am so grateful for Sarah’s teaching: because of it, I feel so much more connected with myself, body and spirit, and with my own powers of movement and physical expression. Sarah teaches with heartfelt compassion and clear attention. She is so wise in her understanding of both movement and stillness that she can always offer just the right suggestion to urge me a little beyond what I assume I can do. She encourages—challenges--with love and empathy. I never feel guilty for not being able to do more, or diminished by her own astonishing mastery of form and movement. Instead, working with Sarah, I feel glad to be doing what I am doing, and energized and inspired to go deeper within myself and find the beauty that is there.

As a dancer, Sarah is unique. What she does goes beyond performance: she is shamanic in her intensity and integrity. Watching her dance, I slip into another state of awareness, and time passes without my being conscious of it. When the dance ends, I know I have been elsewhere, guided by her artistry into exploration of the vast landscape of motion and emotion. I would tell anyone who loves and values dance, movement, the expressiveness of body and spirit—if you have an opportunity to see Sarah Brumgart dance, don’t miss the chance. And go again if you can."

Librarian / Tarot Teacher

"Sarah Brumgart is a superlative teacher and performer. She is in a class all of her own and breaks all preconceptions of what a physical body can do. The spirit that moves her flesh is indeed a rare gem in that she pursues perfection with clarity, beauty and wisdom. Experiencing her as teacher is an honor and beholding her performance is transformative in a way that penetrates deeply into one's soul. She is truly awe-inspiring!"

Performance Artist / Yoga and Dance Instructor / Massage Therapist

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