Private Classes

For All Skill Levels & Ages

Customized for Individual Needs
An Adjunct or Alternative to Group Classes

Single or Combined Services

Pilates Mat
Sarah Strength
Joint Mobility
Creative Movement

Monthly Registration

Minimum of One Class per Week
$60 per Hour

Single Class Fee

$75 per Hour

Respectful and mindful of the uniqueness of each person, Sarah offers one-on-one sessions that are designed to address the particular concerns and interests of an individual.

These private sessions are conducive to cooperative interaction between the student and teacher because the student is free to vocalize their own observations and make specific requests.

While providing a highly systematic method for cultivating all-around fitness, Sarah also encourages the student to go within and develop a personal relationship with their own inner guidance.

This self-awareness ultimately empowers and serves the student in all aspects of life, enabling them to become increasingly more confident and decisive in any situation.

Private Classes

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